About Our Company

empower. uplift. upskill

We are a bespoke household training & management company that specializes in an in-house training, with focus on your needs & expectations as our client, as well as upskilling and adding value to your housekeeper’s life. 
Finesse has the intention of bringing a refreshed enthusiasm and bespoke superior standard to our South African housekeeping & hospitality industry.
With our niche skill set, we train and present an opportunity that inspires and uplifts the community while giving them a sense of self-worth.

What We Do

We implement the knowledge & skills needed to successfully manage, maintain & clean your property through personalised training, work lists, routines & procedures, based on your needs, property & expectations.
Your housekeeper will have a clear understanding of what is expected in their role as well as the knowledge of how to clean and manage their time which will create motivation and a refreshed view of their job.

Our Services

Packages & Pricing

We arrange an initial face to face consultation where we can gauge your needs and expectations as well assess your home to start accurately personalizing worklists and routines to successfully manage, maintain & clean your property.

All training is personalized and done in-house to not put strain on your housekeeper’s work load while learning as well as using your property as the classroom and practical.

Training consists of 1 (4 hour) session per week and the amount of sessions per property varies based on needs, size of property & housekeepers.

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“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living in that environment.”

Marie Kondo


What Our Clients Say



Thank you for the excellent job in training our wonderful housekeeper. Your attention to detail makes us feel like we are living in a hotel.

Nathaniel Vega

What a pleasure it has been working with Finesse , they are professional , precise and extremely efficient. I will definitely pass on the message to family & friends!

Viola Brooks

I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU!! For the excellent job Finesse did with training our staff. It was a pleasure to deal with Danielle and your efficiency was greatly appreciated.

Bertie Roberts


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